Meeting since February 2020, the Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub group facilitated by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is seeing the ambitious Vision of creating Australia’s first 5GW+ green hydrogen hub realised with over $750m in supportive major energy projects to be completed by the end of 2024. Port Kembla’s superiority as a green hydrogen hub is based on the following key advantages:

Advantage #1 – Feedstock: Surplus recycled water from a co-located water treatment plant at Port Kembla supports 5GW+ of electrolyser capacity with sufficient electricity infrastructure and renewable energy options for initial green hydrogen projects.

Advantage #2 – Demand: Multiple large scale potential uses in power generation, transport mobility, gas network injection, industry and export. Options for sector coupling to de-risk major projects and maximise existing and new enabling infrastructure.

Advantage #3 – Distribution: direct deep sea port access for export with existing connections to North Asian markets; gas pipeline, road and rail access to major east coast markets that account for 80 percent of Australia’s population and industrial base.

Advantage #4 – Ecosystem: heavy industrial precinct offers 24/7 operation, access to world class research organisations, large skilled talent base, 30+ years of hydrogen experience with a supportive community and social licence to operate.

For more information:

Nigel McKinnon

Deputy Director, Illawarra-Shoalhaven

Regional Economic Development Branch

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

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